Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Super supportive

Belly Bandit BBBNXS Bandit Bamboo Natural

Belly Bandit BBBNXS Bandit Bamboo Natural Get your Belly Bandit BBBNXS Bandit Bamboo Natural Now!

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  1. Martin Calderon11 Oktober 2011 07.32

    Remember you are binding your body here so if you think this is going to be comfortable like your favorite cotton t-shirt, it's not quite like that. Product didn't irritate my skin, wasn't too hot (wore in 90-100 degree weather)and certainly did the job. Follow the size chart to get what you need. If you are between you can bind yourself with an ace bandage or spanks like leggings until it fits. I found i could wear under a maxi dress without issue.

  2. I had a baby in February and am now on my 3rd belly bandit (started with the medium and now I'm in the x-small!), I gained about 60+ lbs during my pregnancy all in my tummy! I'm now only 5 lbs away from my pregnancy weight and my belly looks just like before! It was amazing, and was excellent after my c-section. I work and am on my feet a lot and it helped me get my posture back and support me while I healed. I still wear it daily but it is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it! I love this, it is a must buy if you have a c-section!