Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Beautiful Yet Comfortable!

Enzo Angiolini Womens Mckinney Sandal

Enzo Angiolini Womens Mckinney Sandal Get your Enzo Angiolini Womens Mckinney Sandal Now!

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  1. Manuel Marquez24 Oktober 2011 09.32

    This shoe looks very dainty yet the front criss cross straps give good support. I was looking for a higher heel to wear with a maxi dress and this shoe fit the bill. It looks incredible - the silver is very elegant with the white yet it is still a casual shoe. Love them!

  2. Enzo Angiolini and Amazon
    never disappoint..i needed shoes for a wedding...i also need a new right knee, so wearing my coveted high heels is no longer an option..this shoe was comfortable and looked quite elegant with my formal dress..i received many compliments and felt so much better about myself than i would have wearing flats -- again!...i recommend this shoe to all women as the wedge gave me more stability than a regular heel...i think i will be able to wear this shoe with all types of clothes, from a formal dress to a pair of capris....it's truly a winner!