Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Beautiful comfort

ETIENNE AIGNER Womens Tender Navy

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  1. These slingback sandals are comfy and true to size. I love the heel height; I wear mine with capri's; they are simple and classy.

  2. These are great shoes! Very comfy and sylish. They look good with both skirts and capri pants.

  3. I agree that this shoe is very comfy. I've owned this brand before and loved them as well. The heel is a little narrow but I'm happy it's adjustable. It fits very well and is comfortable.

  4. It's been oddly difficult to find a reasonably priced navy shoe for the summer. These are fabulous. The short heel is perfect to accompany pants or skirts without compromising comfort. I have to walk quite a bit at work and even on the first time out, my feet were not sore or blistered.

  5. These slingbacks are wonderful! The heel is just the right height and it's a surprisingly comfortable shoe. I was able to wear them to a wedding and not have my feet killing me by the end of the evening. I have a size 9 foot and these lovely shoes made them look smaller, which is always a plus. I highly recommend them to any woman looking for a comfortable dress shoe.